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PAB and calendar issues after R5 to 6.5.2 upgrade

I just upgraded almost 200 users from R5 to 6.5.2, and two differences get mentioned every time from the users.
  1. The personal address book doesn't display all of the vertical buttons A - Z when the screen resolution is 800 X 600. I think it only displays up to the letter R, S or T, depending on the actual screen size (i.e., 15" or 17"), and there is no scroll for the letters either. The same thing with the mailbox -- everything is larger and falling off the right hand side of the screen, where R5 would fit more data. Can this be changed somehow to display the entire alphabet and the rest of the mail data?
  2. On the R5 calendar, in the month view, the appointments used to display 'from' and 'to' times, as well as the icon and the subject/location of the event. They display when you print them, but seem to be missing from the screen when you display them. How can I get these back?

These two issues come up a lot and users hate the new version because of these changes. Can you help?

Well, those are two I hadn't seen before, mostly because I haven't had anyone run at 800 x 600 in years. I think it was changed that way because the default today is to run at 1028 x 768. I honestly don't know how to fix that issue.

As for the missing times -- that is annoying. The only workaround I found is to choose the "formatting" button at the top and choose "show time slots." This displays a lot of information, but existing entries will show up.

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