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Partitioned Domino server not allowing successful communication

We have installed and configured a partitioned Domino server in my company. In that server we have two NIC cards...

We have installed and configured a partitioned Domino server in my company. In that server we have two NIC cards.

Our configuration details are:

  • Server has two NIC cards
  • First partition's name is "Domino01" (for example) and listening IP address is
  • Second partition's name is Domino02 and it's looking for
We added the following host entry in host file on the server: domino02.test.com (FQDN)
We checked both the notes.ini, and we found the TCP entries correct for both servers.

We getting the following error on the server frequently whenever agent start running:

Error connecting to server Domino01: The server is not responding. The server may be down or you may be experiencing network problems. Contact your system administrator if this problem persists.
Could you please help me resolve this issue?
A couple of things to check here.

Although the software partitions are on the same machine, as a general rule you need to ensure for connectivity purposes that your Domino partitions are listening on different ports on the same address, or running with separate IP addresses (your configuration).

To troubleshoot this problem, the old "Connectivity Rule" (i.e., "If the OS can't see it, then neither can Domino!") does not necessarily apply, since you are dealing with the same physical box, rather than Domino servers on separate hardware.

From the Domino01 server console, issue a "Trace" command (i.e., "Trace Domino02") and do the same on Domino02 for Domino01 (i.e., "Trace Domino02").

The trace results will indicate what path and which address is being used by the server to connect to the other partition.

Suggestions for your configuration

  • You mention that you have added a host file entry for Domino02, have you done the same for Domino01?

  • On the "Basics" tab of the server documents, have you entered the "Fully qualified Internet host name:" field to match the server's name, and included this setting in one of the "Net Address" fields on the "Notes Network Ports" tab under the "Ports" tab?

  • Are there any connection documents created between the servers? Create a connection document for both servers to run in either direction (e.g., a "replication" connection from Domino01 to Domino02 and another connection from Domino02 to Domino01), especially if the Trace command returned a "DNS entry not found" error.

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