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Pass parameters in an all-internal method

I have an agent that needs to open a document or form and pass parameters to it. I was attempting to use the bracket notation passing the values as URL parameters. However, I found that this only works if you use single brackets -- which is more network traffic. If you use double brackets, which keep everything internal to the Domino server, it seems to strip all URL parameters off. I don't understand why Lotus would leave this off the implementation of the double bracket notation. Is there an acceptable way to pass the parameters from an agent to a form or document in and all-internal method, without having the browser make the call to the form or document?

There is no way to do that that I know of and I believe that is because Lotus is following Web standards. Keep in mind that the HTTP is a stateless protocol. There are two basic ways to do this. 1) Using the standard Web based Query String approach, which is usually supported by all Web server platforms. The format is: ?name1=value1&name2=value2 where name is the name of a parameter and value is the value of the parameter. You must then read the Query String CGI variable (Query_String in Domino) and parse out the value. The second way to is create a document on the server and write the data into it in the agent (maybe a Profile document). You can then open the document and read it back in the form. However, this adds lots of overhead in the way to disk i/o and means you need to clean up the "Session" docs when you're done with them. The latter approach is can be used to simulate Session variables in the MS IIS environment.

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