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Performance of a Notes app vs. a Domino Web-enabled app

We are migrating a Notes application to a Domino Web-enabled application. Assuming the same configuration, what should we except about the performance? Will the performance be better or worse than the old system? If you have some suggestions about performance enhancements in the Web-based application, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
Usually, performance on a Domino Web application is worse than for a Notes client application. For an example, go to NotesBench.com and compare statistics for the number of Notes mail users vs. number of Webmail users. If the server wasn't particularly busy before, the difference may not be noticeable.

By changing to a Web app, you're shifting a lot of the work from the workstation to the server. Since the server has to do more, in general the application will have poorer performance in Domino unless the workstations are so slow that they were a bottleneck before (not usually the case).

For best performance in a Domino Web application, follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid overuse of user-run agents. In particular, try to find alternatives to Webqueryopen and Webquerysave agents. If you can do what you need to do using macro language in computed fields, that's usually a lot faster. Consider installing servlets in place of agents to handle any high-volume transactions that require program logic.

  • Use JavaScript to perform validations on user input wherever possible. This avoids a back-and-forth to the server, letting the workstation do more of the work.

  • Consider writing parts of the functionality using Java applets, communicating back to the server using CORBA. Again, the more work you can do locally, the better.

  • Where practicable, use the "double-bracket" notation to return a URL to the browser in a $$Return or agent Print value. For example, Print "[[http://www.mysite.net/home.nsf]]" as opposed to Print "[http://www.mysite.net/home.nsf]". This avoids one request-and-reply cycle between the browser and server.

  • Consult the IBM performance zone for more pointers.

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