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Planning a migration from Domino on our AS400 to Domino on an NT System

We are currently planning a migration from Domino on our AS400 to Domino on an NT System. We have had some difficulties when it comes to moving Users between systems. What is the best way to migrate. Is there a way to coexist and slowly move or does it need to happen all at once? Are there any tools available to assist this type of migration. Our current thinking is to configure the new server exactly how the old one is configured. Then put the New one on a separate network. Copy all of the information from the Old server to the new one in some way. Take the old box offline and bring the new box online. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I guess it depends on if you are keeping the server names the same for Domino, or if you will be setting up a new server and name. If you will have the 400 be server1, and Windows be server2, you can perform mail file moves via AdminP. This works well and modifies everyone?s person records and location docs. If you are going to have server1 turn into server1 on the new hardware, then it must be an all or nothing proposal. You will need to make the Windows server a different name (network name, for now), then get the data over from the 400. You can do this via tape or file copy. Once the files are there, you will have to shutdown the 400, give the Windows box its IP address (or make a DNS change for that Domino server name to point to the 2000 IP address), and bring the Windows server online. This is a very rough sketch of the procedure. You should bring in someone with experience in migrations to assist you and get your plan rock solid.

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