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Preparing for Deploying Domino R5 Applications test

I'm preparing for test 190*522, "Deploying Domino R5 Applications". I'm a Principal R5 CLP App Dev, Principal R4 CLP App Dev, CLP R4 Sys Admin, and have passed my first two R5 Sys Admin tests. I've been a Notes developer and Administrator since 1993. What areas should I brush up in to prepare for this test, and what (free) resources are there in the way of study exams?

First, download the exam guide from http://www.lotus.com/certification - this lists the areas of competency for this exam, (I would include those here, but it is quite an extensive list.)

Basically, this exam measures your knowledge of the operation, deployment, administration and maintenance as it relates to databases, rather than to specific server operations such as routing mail, etc.

You should have a sound knowledge of database design elements (given your existing qual's this should be OK) and how those design elements affect administration options, ie, can the server run agents based on existing signatures in the app (Security!! - hint). You should also have a sound knowledge of the COMPACT, DESIGN, FIXUP, UPDATE and UPDALL tasks - what they do, how they operate, when they run, etc. Replication also features in this exam, although it's focus is more from a DB perspective, eg, Mary has a DB on Server A and a rep on Server B, how should the ACL be modified so that changes are only replicated from Server B to Server A - that sort of thing. I would recommend that you become fully conversant with all of the options, switches and "tell" commands available for these tasks, eg what would a "Load Compact -r" do? What check box would you select in the tasks option box when activated from DomAdmin, etc.

Security and user interaction are also key elements in this exam, so you should be fully conversant with ACL's, AL's (form/view), Reader/Author fields and encryption of fields.

I am not aware of any free resources for this exam. The LAEC Course "Deploying Domino Applications" is a comprehensive guide to the material covered within this exam and I would recommend that course to you. In addition, self test software have finally released a practice test for this exam, which can be found at
http://www.selftestsoftware.com/Product.asp?dept%5Fid=302&product%5Fid=522 .

One last item, the "Managing Domino Databases" yellow-book included in the Admin Doc-pack is an excellent resource for this exam, check to see if anyone in your organisation already has the pack and if so, read this book from cover-to-cover.

Good luck is for people who need it, so "Have a great journey..."

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