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Preventing internal e-mail spoofing

We are looking for a way to stop e-mail spoofing by using telnet to connect to the SMTP well known port 25. Although we are secure from an external point-of-view via our routers and firewalls, internal users can connect to the server without ever having to pass through one of these checkpoints.

Anyway, we were hoping PowerLock could control SMTP access via telnet. We are unaware of any other way to secure this from internal users. Of course, we do not want to require a password for SMTP access, because we use SMTP to get e-mail from the Internet.

I was not familiar with this product, so I looked it up on their web site. It appears to have the features that you want, but I encourage you to discuss your needs in detail with their salespeople first. Make sure the product will do exactly what you want before spending $$ on it.

Also, you might want to think about your definition of "email spoofing" and just what it is you are trying to prevent. It is simple for a Notes mail user (or Outlook etc) to create a fake FROM or REPLY-TO address. This is actually a good feature, since you can choose to leave out a reply address, or you can munge it up to prevent spam coming back to you. So, preventing email spoofing by telnet may not change this problem much.

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