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Problem running nightly server tasks

I am experiencing a problem running the nightly server tasks on a Domino server v 5.0.5. with Windows NT and Quick Place software. We have another server running different versions of the same applications that does not have the same problem. The first night after the server has been rebooted all the nightly tasks run successfully. On the second night the log doesn't reflect the start of the second Agent Manager - AMgr: Executive '2' started in the log file, although it does start at the time specified in the server document. The first server task set to run at 2am, in this case cataloger, starts and appears to be running but doesn't finish. All the subsequent tasks, initialize but don't run. Each subsequent night the number of tasks initialized increases. The initialized tasks cannot be stopped and restarted through the admin client or NT task manager.

I have removed the notestat counters from the registry, I have renamed nchronos.exe as it was one of the tasks that was initializing hourly even after I added UPDATE_SUPPRESSION_TIME=480 to the notes.ini. I have removed the Update task from being loaded at server startup as it was preventing Agent Manager Executive 2 from running at night. I have removed the tasks that we don't use Sched, CalConn. I have also removed tasks individually to try and ascertain if the problem lies with only one task. This didn't make a difference. I have also removed all the server tasks from the notes.ini and have scheduled them to run through program documents instead. The log file shows that the programs documents were started at the correct times but none of the tasks completed successfully. They have all remained initialized and only the cataloger task appears to be running.

There are way too many parameters for me to help you via email. Try reinstalling the server if this was a server upgrade. This should set all of your registry settings back to what they need to be.

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