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Problems sending mail through specialized industry application

I have some users who use a specialized industry application (real estate) that has a POP3 client built into it. They would like to be able to, at least, send email through that application. I used to be able to allow them to do this by making the application think there was a POP3 server to connect to by just specifying the internal IP address of my Notes mail server in the software's mail setup. This allowed them to send mail from this application. However, when I made modifications to my Notes mail server's configuration document (SMTP Inbound Controls) to "Deny msgs. from external internet domains to be sent to the following internet domains (put an asterisk in this field)and to "Deny msgs. from the following external internet hosts to be sent to external internet domains (put an asterisk in this field) the user could no longer send mail from the application. Instead, he receives a message "554 - Relay rejected for policy reasons".

Is there any way to get around this without opening up my server to the threat of relay spamming? I would like to provide my internal users of this application the ability to, at least, send mail through this application. And, I would like to avoid setting up the mail server as a POP3 server.

You got half of the equation. You now need to put that domain or IP addresses into the "Allow" portions of the config doc. That should help you.

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