Problems translating Notes/Internet addresses on external mail

When I send a message to an outside address as well as several internal addresses, the message that is sent outside has my return address set to my Internet address in the names.nsf file. However, the addresses of the other internal people I sent the message to have the Notes address name form "First Last/[email protected]". So when the person replies to my message I get it, but the other people that I copied do not, because the addresses are invalid. It doesn't matter where I put the addresses; whether it is in the To: field or the CC: field it comes out wrong when it goes out to the Internet. In R4, there was a setting for how you wanted it to handle the translation from Notes address to Internet address. However, in R5 all you have is the Internet address setting for each user. I have checked everything and it all seems to be correct. We have been living with this problem ever since we moved to R5--I just want to get it resolved.
There are many things that could affect this. In your location doc, do you have the field on the Mail tab for sending to the Internet in MIME Format? Also, your Global Domain document could be the issue. This is dependant on how you connect to the Internet and your lookups. You could bring in a SMTP expert to help you out. I can't give you an answer without first seeing your environment. I have done this many times before, and it shouldn't take more than a few hours to sort out. Good luck.

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