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Problems with scheduled agent/Excel object

I have a scheduled agent that takes an Excel embedded object and updates it with information from the database. This scheduled agent works fine when I run it manually or if I run it as a scheduled agent on our development server. When I copy the database to production I can still run it just fine manually but I receive the following error when I run it as a scheduled agent: "Error 201: Operation disallowed in this session". This error occurs as soon as the code tries to do anything with the Excel object. For example:
Dim xl As Variant
Set embobj=item.EmbeddedObjects(0)
Set xl = embobj.Activate(False)
'The error happens at this line

I have checked the Notes.ini on both the development server and the production server and neither one has the "NoExternalApps" line. My userid is setup to run "Restricted Agents".

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

The most likely cause of the problem is that the signer of the agent is not listed in the "Run Unrestricted LotusScript Agents" field of the Server document. Have the Servers administrator Edit the server document and add the signers name to the list or have the agent signed by a userid that can run unrestricted agents.

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