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Programmatically edit a rich-text field table from within the Lotus Notes client

Learn about an add-on Domino developers can use to programmatically edit rich-text field tables from within the Lotus Notes client.

I have a form with a rich-text field, with the setting "Using Best Fit for OS." I've created a table in this field using Internet Explorer and saved it. When I open the saved document in my Lotus Notes client, the table property shows the cell border style as "ridge," and the border thickness is set to three. Is there any way to set the border style in Lotus Notes to "solid" and the thickness to one?
I assume that you are aware that when using the Lotus Notes client, you can edit the table as if it had been created from a Lotus Notes client originally. So, I must also assume you must be looking for a way of doing this programmatically. I am afraid that LotusScript (on version 7.0.2) does not have the necessary methods to accomplish this task.

I suggest that you take a look at Midas Rich Text add-on for Lotus Note Domino (made by -- highly recommended). I am sure Midas would make it possible to accomplish your goal.

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