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Proper installation sequence for Lotus Workflow 3.0.1 on Windows 2000 Server?

What is the proper installation sequence for Lotus Workflow 3.0.1 on Windows 2000 Server? And what are the components that constitute the complete Workflow application? finally, what are the pre-requisites?

Proper installation sequence. Er, Domino server first, then LW? Are you having a problem with installation? Workflow applications are Lotus Notes applications. Users of the application need only the Notes client ? or a web browser for Domino-enabled apps. In addition, developers may choose to make the Workflow Viewer available to users. This lets them view the workflow process graphically and see where the current binder is in that process. This optional client-side component can be installed on demand from the workflow-enabled Notes application.

The components that need to be included in the end-user application include a subform, a couple of script libraries, a configuration form to point the application to the correct external resources, and maybe a couple of views. These are all included in the template workflow application that comes with the product, and can be copied out to your own existing applications if you like a bit of a challenge. I co-authored an article about this a couple of years ago (Enabling Notes Applications for Workflow with Domino Workflow 2.1, THE VIEW, January/February 2001 ? back issues available at www.eview.com . Though the article is a couple of years old, the basic technique hasn't changed. In addition to the application itself, you need a couple of other Notes databases that are shared by all Workflow apps:

  • Organization Directory contains information about who fulfills what role in workflow processes; you can use the normal Domino Directory for this purpose also.
  • Workflow Repository contains the workflow processes available for use in your applications.

There's also a stand-alone application, the Workflow Designer, needed to create and edit the workflow processes.

The system requirements for LW are listed here.

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