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Read all forms in a database with LotusScript

How do I read all forms, views,...(Design Elements )in a database with LotusScript?

Not sure what you mean by "read", but in R5 there is no way to access all the design elements in the database with LotusScript alone... You can access all the agents, forms and views of a database through the Agents, Forms and Views properties of the NotesDatabase class. E.g.

varAgents = ndbCurrentDatabase.Agents

varForms = ndbCurrentDatabase.Forms

varViews = ndbCurrentDatabase.Views

Each of these properties returns an array containing the respective design elements. You can also access the ACL and the entries are contains through the ACL and class of NotesDatabase. You'd need to use the API to access all the design elements in database. However in Rnext (R6?) Lotus has added a new class NotesNoteCollection that provides a mechanism to access all design elements in a database.

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