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Recover a password

How can I recover a password?

In regards to your question, the answer is "it depends", since there are a number of passwords managed in Notes/Domino and the answers vary between Notes ID passwords and Web passwords. I'll try to cover all types and if I miss anything, I invite you to post a follow-up question. :o)

Let's first handle passwords used to protect Notes IDs.

The purpose of these passwords is simply to decrypt the information contained in the ID so that the authentication/validation process can take place. I won't detail this process here, I'll just ask you to consult the Redbook about it, which can be found at the following URL:

In regards to recovering Notes ID passwords, I believe that the best information for you resides in the November 1st 2001 article by Timothy speed and Mary LaRoche titled -- plainly enough -- "ID password recovery" and can be found at the following URL:

In regards to Web passwords (i.e., the password potentially contained in each Person Document in the Domino Directory), this is a little bit different. Since this is a string contained in the document, simply tell the person, if he/she has forgotten it, to think of another, good, password and enter it in the person's document (remember to press quickly the F9 function key to have it hashed so that someone won't be able to read it over your shoulder).

I hope this provides you with the answers you sought.

Regards, Frederic Dahm

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