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Reducing the size of an .NSF using Lotus Domino compression

Learn how to reduce the size of a .NSF file to save disk space using Lotus Domino compression.

At the operating system level, I accessed Properties of an .NSF in my Lotus Notes data folder -> Advanced attributes -> Compress contents to save disk space. After this operating system compression, the size of the .NSF file was the same, but the size on disk was reduced by 40%. How does this differ from Lotus Notes compression (from the Notes administrator client)? Is this a size reduction in addition to the Lotus Notes compression?

Lotus Domino compression (I'm assuming you mean compacting here, not network compression), actually makes a new copy of the file via the –B switch, which shrinks the file to as small as it can be on disk. Windows compression shrinks the file on disk as well, but it leaves the other space there for expansion when the file is used and cannot be "in compressed mode." If you want to permanently reduce the size of a .NSF, you should use Lotus Domino compacting.

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