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Referencing a view when embedding one from another database

When embedding a view from another database, how is this view referenced? I think it's done by looking at the replica ID of the database that has the view, since if I create a new copy of that database to the same location, the embedded view no longer shows up. Is there a way to embed a view from another database by telling it the path to look at instead?

Unfortunately, no. However, this is an often-requested feature and you are likely to see it in a future release.

You are correct that the replica ID is used to locate the database -- and the replica that's used by default is the one that the current user has used most recently from whatever location they're in. This is nice if the server you might want to use is down, or if the user is off the net and has just local replicas, since they can choose an Island location and not have the formula insisting to use a replica on a particular server. However, it does take some control away from the developer.

You might consider using a frameset instead, since it is possible there to specify the server and filepath in a formula.

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