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Remotely verify the version of Domino being run on a server

Is there a way to remotely verify what version of Domino is being run on a server? We are having some issues with Sun JVM, and everything I have found states that Domino 6 should work fine. I have been told that our server was updated to 6.5, but I would like to verify that myself if at all possible.

You would probably need some sort of administrative rights to the server to see that. Outside of that, you could try telnet sessions on port 25 and 80 to see if it responds with the version. Outside of that, you could look at the server record in the directory to see if AdminP updated the version. If AdminP isn't working properly, that might not be correct though.

That being said, I myself am not sold on the whole Sun JVM vs. MS JVM compatibility game. I have found many sites and features (especially with Sametime) that are not really compatible with the Sun JVM. I keep a copy of the MS JVM simply because it is far more compatible with the websites and applications of the world. It's sad, but true.


From the server console, type in "sh server" as a command and you will see which version the server is running.

—Jean-Pierre D.

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