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Renaming a user after marital status change

There is a woman who works here who has recently become "un-married." We will call her "User Married," and she would like to become "User Divorced". Is there a step-by-step process that can be explained easily?

UMarried@domain.com needs to be UDivorced@domain.com. She needs to have all her old mail, plus still get all mail that goes to her old address (forwarded).

Groups and ACLs are an issue in themselves after this is complete, I assume. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If you rename her using the Administration Process, all of these items will be handled automatically except for the short name and Internet address. To let her keep her married name as an alias, either add it to her user name field, or put it as a second entry in the short name field. Change her Internet address to her divorced name.


You said to change the user's Internet address to the new name. What about people that still send mail to the old Internet address? Sometimes it's not easy to tell everyone your new e-mail address, and some of those that you do tell still use the old one out of habit.

I'm trying to set up a workaround at the moment. The Internet address field doesn't accept multiple values, which would have been great. Well, it doesn't have a problem with putting a second entry in, but it only works with the first entry and ignores the second.

My next plan is to create another person document with a random name, but give it the Internet address of the person's new name and set it to forward mail to the intended recipient. This seems to have worked. I'm not sure how this will work with licenses; I'll have to enquire.

—Sami C.


The Internet Address field can only take one entry. However, the Short Name field or the User Name field can take multiple entries. Simply append the new Internet address to one of those fields. If you limit delivery of Internet e-mail to "Exact match only" in the configuration document, put it in the User Name field.

Michael Lazar

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