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Renaming users without a copy of their ID files

In our organization, now we are running the administration server in ND6, but mail servers are in R5.

Our users are Web users, and we do not have a copy of their ID files because it was not created when they were registered. When all of our servers were in R5, our users had the license for Lotus iNotes/Domino CAL, but this kind of license does not exist in ND6.

Before the migration of our administration server to ND6, when we wanted to rename a user, there was no need for the user to access to the server for the rename process to be completed.

In our actual situation, only the first step of the process is done, and we have to manually rename the user on the groups and ACLs. If we do that, the request is revoked after 21 days and we must rename the user again.

I know that in ND6 you can specify that user's mail system to be "Domino Web access," but if we register a user using that feature, and if we need to rename him, there are some processes that the mail server (running on R5) does not understand. In that server's replica of admin4.nsf, the "unknown request" error is given, and the process cannot be completed because the user's name in the mail database's ACL is not changed.

Do you know a way of renaming users without requiring them to access to server using a client if we are running a mixed environment (versions 5 and 6)?

Do you know what happened with the license for Lotus iNotes/Domino CAL?

Thank you.
I do not know of an automated way to change the users if they do not have an ID file or access to accept the name change. This has been a manual process for the few places that I know of in this situation (I have not run into many shops doing this). If anyone knows of a method, I'd like to hear about it. Also, I do not know what happened to the licensing scheme. I don't pretend to understand the licensing structure because it changes often. Your best bet is to contact your IBM representative or reseller about the licensing concerns.

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