Reply to e-mail with history & without attachments

Is there an easy way to reply to an e-mail with history, but without any attachments? This would also apply to "reply with history to all" e-mails.

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Get a handle to the document you want to reply to and delete any attachments (don't save the document) then create the response. Some sample code follows.

Set db = session.currentDatabase 
Set docProfile = db.GetProfileDocument
Set doc = session.DocumentContext 
Set uidoc = ws.EditDocument(False, doc)
Set doc = uidoc.document  
Call uidoc.close
strErrMsg = "Memo format prevents the 
attachment(s) from being removed."
intReplyToAll = (docProfile.Action(0) = "ReplyToAll")
intStandardReply = True            
If doc.HasEmbedded = True Then   
 Set item=doc.getFirstItem("body") 
 If (item Is Nothing) Then 
 Messagebox strErrMsg, MB_ICONEXCLAMATION, 
"Cannot Remove Attachment
  If Isempty(item.embeddedObjects) Then
   Messagebox strErrMsg, MB_ICONEXCLAMATION, 
Remove Attachment(s)."
   Forall x In item.embeddedObjects
    If x.type = EMBED_ATTACHMENT  Then        
'is there an attachment 
     intStandardReply = False
     Exit Forall
    End If
   End Forall  
  End If
End If
End If
If intStandardReply Then  'do a normal 
reply with history
 If intReplyToAll Then
  Call session.SetEnvironmentVar( "MailStEd", "9" )
 End If
 Call ws.ComposeDocument
("","","Reply With History")
Else   'get rid of attachments from 
background document  
 Set tempdoc = New NotesDocument(db)  
 Set item=doc.getFirstItem("body") 
      'Set up RichTextStyle
 Set richStyle = session.CreateRichTextStyle
 richStyle.NotesFont = FONT_HELV 
 richStyle.FontSize = 8
 richStyle.NotesColor = COLOR_DARK_MAGENTA
 Call item.AppendStyle(richStyle)
 Call item.AddNewLine(2)
 Call item.AddNewLine(1)
 Forall Attach_File In item.embeddedObjects
  If Attach_File.Type = EMBED_ATTACHMENT Then
   strFilename = Attach_File.Source
   Call item.Appendtext("<< Attachment Removed : " 
+ strFilename$ + " >>")
   Call item.AddNewLine(1)
  End If
 End Forall
 Call doc.CopyAllItems(tempdoc,True)
 Call tempdoc.MakeResponse( doc)
 Call tempdoc.Save(True,False)
      'open the tempdoc using the new memo form 
and create a reply with 
 Set tempuidoc = ws.EditDocument(True,tempdoc)
 If intReplyToAll Then
  Call session.SetEnvironmentVar( "MailStEd", "9" )
 End If
 Set anotheruidoc = ws.ComposeDocument
("","","Reply With History")
 Set refitemintempdoc = tempdoc.
 Set refitem = refitemintempdoc.
 Call tempuidoc.close
 Call tempdoc.Remove(True)  
End If


I have a much simpler solution -- upgrade to Notes 6.5. It has been out for quite some time and has this functionality built into the template.

—Brian P.

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This was last published in March 2005

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