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Restrict users' mail access through Notes clients and iNotes

On a mail server running Domino 6.5 with HTTP task-enabled, users can access their mails through Notes clients and iNotes. But I want it to be restricted. If I enable a user for iNotes, I want them not to be able to access mailfile from Notes Client or vice versa. Is there any way of achieving this from the server side or the user's person document in Domino Directory?
There are several ways to do this. For users who will only have Notes access, just disable the Maximum Internet Access setting in their mail file ACL (advanced tab). For users who will only have Web access, don't issue them a Notes ID at all. Just create an entry in the Domino Directory (names.nsf) that gives them an Internet name/password. If they also need a Notes ID for other work, create two accounts for them, one Notes and one Web. Change the ACL of their mail file, so only the Web account has access.

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