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Routing Domino cluster servers to the correct network

Discover the reasons why and the steps you should take if your Domino server clusters are inexplicably routing between public and private networks.

One of our Domino cluster servers is behaving mischievously. The system is routing between both private networks and public networks. Do you know what might be causing this behavior?
The Lotus Domino server is looking for the most available route. It's also looking to your notes.ini settings, as well as your server and connection documents for routing instructions. In the server doc/notes.ini, the first TCP/IP protocol that you list should refer to public usage/routing. The Clustered TCP/IP protocol should be in its own Domino Named Network, provided you don't want it routing any mail over the private network. For information on setting up the protocols in your notes.ini, check out a related SearchDomino.com question on creating a separate LAN for cluster replication traffic.

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