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Routing and replication issues with remote Lotus Domino servers

Lotus Notes and Domino Server administration expert Mike Lazar offers advice to an administrator who is having weekly routing and replication issues with remote Lotus Domino servers.

I have a Lotus Domino Release 6.5.4FP2 with Windows 2003, X260, IBM server and McAfee Antivirus. It seems every six to seven days, we start getting routing and replication issues with remote Lotus Domino servers running Lotus Domino 6.5.1 on Windows 2000 servers.

I have restarted the routing and forced routing to the first two servers that start to show email is not being delivered. The remote servers still seem to be able to send email through the main Lotus Domino server in question.

I have found it difficult to find any answers on this six to seven day cycle, when the routing and replication gradually seems to fail across all the Lotus Domino servers. Rebooting the server fixes it again for another week, yet restarting the Lotus Domino server does not help.

I am getting warnings that the Task Replicator on the server is no longer responding. I'm guessing the probable cause is that the task never updates its timestamp. Do you have any advice?

Without seeing logs or performance statistics, it's difficult to pin down this problem. It could be a problem with McAfee, Domino Server, or something else, such as a backup program.

While I hate giving advice like this, I think you need to further troubleshoot and determine the root. There are several router fixes including a handful of memory leak fixes in versions up to Lotus Domino 6.5.5. If you can upgrade your Domino servers to 6.5.5, it can help isolate where the issue should be.

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