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Same username in two different domains

Hello, I have three Domino domains with a respective Internet domain:

  • /acme@acme -- acme.com - two servers
  • /lv@lv -- lv.com -- one server
  • /lvs@lvs -- lvs.com -- one server
Each domain has one dedicated Domino mail server and acme has two, one of which (svrInternet) faces the Internet. Actually I am using a cascade address book; reduced directories are replicated in all servers.

In svrInternet I have:

  • GlobalDomain document with all Internet domains
  • Adjacents domains for lvs and lv
  • Mail connection documents
I want to keep using alias and exact names for name resolution. My problem is when the same username is in different domains (e.g., guille@acme.com and guille@lv.com). Domino sends a message to the first one found and does not see the other domain name. Thank you in advance.
The only reasonable solution I can come up with for your scenario is to ensure that all names, including aliases, are in the FullName field of the Person records. Then, in the configuration document under Router/SMTP -- Basics, change the "Address lookup" field to "Fullname only." If you don't restrict it to the FullName field, and you have a few people with the same alias, you will probably get errors for the name not being unique. This would be a problem especially if you have the very next field, "Exhaustive lookup" set to "Enabled.. Personally, I would get all names and aliases into the FullName field, then set the exhaustive lookups to enabled.

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