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Sametime connect list disappeared

Using a 6.5.1 client, and logging into Sametime, the connect list has "disappeared." It will not show up on the client. However, if you use the Sametime connect client, the connect list will show up there. We are operating on XP.

I have seen this occurring when the Sametime server utilizes LDAP authentication, rather than Domino authentication to log-in.

If you are using this configuration, change the connection settings in your location document from "Automatically" to "Manual," disconnect from the Sametime session and try to log in again. In the username and password window, try either your short name (as specified in the Domino Directory) or your e-mail address, in conjunction with your Internet password.

As an example, rather than logging onto Sametime through Notes as "Mathew Newman/iteam," try either "mnewman" or "[email protected]"

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