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Sametime problem without a pattern


We are using Lotus Sametime 3.0 and have found that if multiple users are selected that the "send announcement" does not deliver to all of the desktops. We do not see any apparent pattern to it. Just looking for a fix so this great tool does not get ignored because it does something odd.

That wonderful word "intermittent", which makes all administrators cringe. Seriously though, issues like this have been reported during the use of Sametime 3 (Lotus Instant Messaging - LIM) in a number of environments I am aware of, most of them (with regard to announcements) have almost always fallen into one of the following categories:
  • Server Tasks
  • Community Connectivity
  • User Status, or
  • Client installation

Server Tasks:

Ensure all LIM server tasks are running when sending the announcement, especially if there is more than one server within the community. Sometimes it is necessary to 'bounce' the server to re-initialize the tasks that the OS reports as 'started,' but which have actually stopped, or worse, failed.

Community Connectivity:

Ensure that the (server) members of your multi server environment have the correct connections and can communicate with one another, also be aware that person documents have a lot to do with where an announcement is supposed to go, so any problems here (configuration, rep conflicts, etc.,) will compound any delivery issues.

User Status:

Remember that users who are "Off-line" or on "Do Not Disturb" in LIM v3 CANNOT receive Announcements.

Client Installation:

Mixed client environments (i.e., 3+ and prior to v3) are going to come across this issue frequently, as announcements aren't available to client versions prior to 3.

As for a fix - "newer" versions of LIM are available (ie, 3.1, 6+).

Hope this helps.


Read about this problem, and we were facing the same problems last spring. We did look into every setting you mentioned but it didn't help.

Since we have a support contract with IBM, we did receive good support (unusual I know, but still)

After a few weeks we got some .dll´s that solved the problem. So officially our Sametime-server is 652FP1, but in real life is more like 7.0.
—Max L.

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