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Saving and archiving Lotus Sametime Web conferences

SearchDomino.com's Sametime administration expert Mathew Newman explains how to use Lotus Sametime's native functionality for saving and archiving Sametime Web conferences. He also briefly discusses what a third-party Lotus Sametime archiving tool can offer.

Is there a third-party tool that allows a customer to log, save and archive Web conferences done via Lotus Sametime 6.5.1? I read about a third-party tool called Instant Technologies that uses automatic saving and archiving of instant messages. Is there a similar tool that saves and archives Web conferences?
Web conferences conducted via Lotus Sametime can be natively saved for later playback. When creating the Sametime meeting, on the "Essentials" tab, click "Record this meeting so that others can replay it later."

Please also refer to a previous answer SearchDomino.com Ask the Expert Q&A of mine, Sametime meeting recordings.

In addition, administrators can enable "Chat Logging" on their Lotus Sametime servers to capture all chat sessions (including Connect, Notes and Meeting Room) between users. Just follow the instructions found in IBM Support TechNote 1086729, How to enable chat logging on a Sametime server.

The Instant Technologies tool that you mention essentially expands on the chat logging native to Lotus Sametime by providing enhanced (and infinitely more configurable) capture and reporting options that are not available in the standard (out-of-the-box) configuration.

However, I am not aware of any utility -- beyond the "Record Meeting" function -- that allows the same functionality for capturing and logging online meetings without user intervention (e.g., screen capture, etc.) during the meeting.

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