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Scripts for MS clustering in ND6

Recently IBM/Lotus took the stand that Microsoft clustering was no longer supported in the Domino 6 environment, and the release notes for version 6.0.4 and 6.5.2 now reference this incompatibility. We were taken by surprise because we had worked with IBM (software) and HP (hardware and storage) on implementing an MSCS cluster to support our 5.0.12 environment with the plan to migrate to version 6 of Domino thereafter.

We have been having a number of problems with the cluster since we migrated to version 6 of Domino, but we never thought IBM would act so drastically as to remove support.

As a result, we had a meeting with IBM to discuss alternatives and were surprised to learn that they will now support MSCS clustering for Domino version 6, just not in the way it was done for version 5.

This new method requires a number of scripts to be created that will act as an interface between MSCS and Domino's own recovery mechanisms. The problem is that IBM is somewhat reluctant to build or otherwise own and support these scripts, let alone update their technote, release notes or to write a new Redbook on the subject of high availability for Domino 6.

To cut this short, I was wondering whether you know of anyone that may have been experiencing the same problems and who would be willing to share what they did or any scripts they built so that MS Cluster manager would use them to tell Domino what actions to take during a failure.
Well, that is surprising, and quite a dilemma. I personally have never been a fan of MS clustering. It's tough to set up, expensive and the shared data always made me skeptical of its practicality. I don't know of anyone running this setup, as Domino clustering has always proven to be a more practical solution.

That being said, I do think that IBM should help you out if they committed to supporting it in 5 and told you it would work with your upgrades. Hopefully you can convince them to support you. Also, if anyone else out there is in the same predicament, please pool your resources and get on IBM's case for this. I can't do much here to help, unfortunately.

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