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Seeking PCLP study materials (elective for Domino Performance)

I am a CLP and looking for resources and practise tests for Principal CLP (elective for Domino Performance). Have also searched for wwww.selftestsoftware.com and www.thomas-consulting.com but could not find anything. Can u help. Thanks.

The lack of study material for this exam, and the complexity of it's content should indicate to you why this exam is a particularly hard principal elective. I am aware of a couple of expensive books that have been published in the last few years that have attempted this subject.

The LAEC course "Performance Tuning a Domino Infrastructure" is about the best resource I have found for this exam. There are a number of books available on the topic and most are highly subjective (ie "if you have this then that will work"...), whereas the LAEC course guide is comprehensive in its approach. If you are not in a position to attend the LAEC course, I would suggest that you download the exam guide at:


From there, you will notice that the content in this exam is broad-ranging, but extremely narrowly focused in the information that it tests for. Whereas the previous exams in the series are really looking at whether you know how to set up and/or manipulate the settings of server tasks and database properties, this exam concentrates on "best practices" and "effects" of those settings. I would not recommend anyone sitting this exam for anyone who has:

Less than 2 (two) years experience administering a large and dynamic Domino environment, or
Not attended the "Performance Tuning" LAEC course.

Ideally, both would hold you in good stead to successfully pass this exam.

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