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Seeking good Lotus courses in the Boston area

I have taken a number of classes through Lotus (My office is in Boston), and have been trying to get enough experience/training to get Certified in Domino/Notes, but have been very frustrated with the "out of the can" approach that I seem to get from the classes I took at Lotus. I have tried several other sources, but they seem to cancel classes at the last minute due to low enrollment. I'm looking for a "hands on" type of environment that can teach me at the same time as it supports me in my position as the entire Domino Admin / Notes Development department for the small company I work for. I know this is a tall order, and probably out of the scope of what you are fielding here. It's just that I love working with Notes, but am frustrated. I have tried New Horizons, The Learning Tree, what once was PDG, BU, Northeastern, and a number of other training centers, to no avail. Either they do not offer what I am looking for (The path to dual certification), or they do not follow through. I seem to have plateau-ed here at work, and need the certification for further advancement. I appreciate any advice or assistance you can offer.

From your question I am guessing that the hidden meaning is "I don't mind going to courses, but what I really want is a competent instructor who know's their stuff and will include information, hints and tips that will help me in my certification path that may not be included in the Instructor Guide."

The only real way to find this is to locate someone like yourself who has had a good experience with a learning institution and can recommend a particular instructor.

In my own training center we often receive requests like this from clients who want a particular instructor to facilitate their course. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend a particular institution in your region as I am located on the other side of the world (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia), so I am not familiar with the education institutions in your region.

One thing you might consider is inquiring around the industry bodies in your area (WALNUT might be an option), to find some other like-minded people with the same goal as you. From there if you can find an instructor at an institution that comes recommended, you may be able to band together to book a course that won't be canceled on you and the additional benefit you may gain is a group booking rate.

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