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Send email to all users with LotusScript

I am a new Lotus programmer. I need to send email to all users of my Web site. I need to accomplish this in LotusScript. Since I am new, I don't have enough ideas about this. Any help would be appreciated.

Do you have the users' email addresses? If you do, then you can create an agent that iterates through each of the email addresses and sends an email to each one. There are a LOT of ways to accomplish this. The easiest way in LotusScript would be to Create a new NotesDocument, give it some required fields, and use the Send() Method to send the mail. It would look something like this.

Dim session as New NotesSession
Dim myDB As NotesDatabase
Set myDB = session.CurrentDatabase
Dim memo as New NotesDocument( myDB )
Dim rtItem as NotesRichTextItem
ReDim recipients(0) as string

For k = 0 to ubound( "some array of recipients" )
	In here, build an array of email addresses
Recipients( 0 ) = "apple@yahoo.com"
Next k

Memo.form = "memo"
Memo.subject = "This is the subject of the memo"
Set rtItem = new NotesRichTextItem( "body", memo )
Call rtItem.AppendText( "This is the first line of my body text")
Call rtItem.appendText( "This is another line.  I could use")
Call rtItem.AppendText( "Rich Text Styles to format if I want.")
Call memo.send( False, recipients )

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