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Sending e-mail directly from Notes client

I'm very new to Lotus Domino R5. I would like all users to send their Internet mail directly from their Lotus Notes Client. Pls advise me.

I am not sure what benefit you hope to gain with this setup, but it is easily done with some client configuration. You will first need to make sure that all of your clients are allowed to access your mail relay/SMTP host. Second, you will need to create a SMTP Account document in every client's names.nsf. This account document will specify what the SMTP server is for sending Internet mail. Finally, in the location documents of every client, you will need to modify the setting for "Send Outgoing Mail" to "Directly to Internet" instead of "Through Domino Server". This is on the "Mail" tab of the location document. This can affect your Lotus Notes e-mail. All mail will now be sent in Internet format. Notes formatting (doc links, letterheads, etc.) will not appear properly.

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