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Sending e-mails with buttons

I was creating e-mails containing buttons and everything worked fine. Now when I try to send an e-mail containing a button, I get this error: "The following items cannot be sent or saved in MIME (Internet mail) format."

Underneath it mentions the button. It must be my local setting because I am able to send e-mail from mine or other mailboxes on a different computer. Can you please tell me what I need to do?
First, I am assuming that you are trying to send this mail to another Notes user. If the recipient of the mail is not using Notes (say Outlook Express at another company) then the error message is correct. You cannot send a Notes button to a non-Notes mail program.

There are two settings you want to look at:

  1. Location / Edit Current / Format for messages addressed to Internet addresses. (This is in the lower right of the sender's Notes screen.)

  2. Public Directory / Recipient-Name / Format Preference for Incoming Mail.

See if one of these settings is different for the scenarios where the message is not working correctly.

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