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Sending mail with fixed Courier font

I have some problems with the fonts using Notes. I have R4.6-servers, R4.6 clients and some R5 clients. My application will generate mails to clients. I use Notes RichText. The contents of the mail is set to font Courier by using richStyle.NotesFont = FONT_COURIER for better format.

     Dim richStyle As NotesRichTextStyle
     Set richStyle = s.CreateRichTextStyle
     richStyle.NotesFont = FONT_COURIER
     richStyle.FontSize = 10
     Set rtitem = New NotesRichTextItem(maildoc, "Body")
     Call rtitem.AppendStyle(richStyle)
     Set rtitemApprove = New NotesRichTextItem(maildoc, "Body")     
     Call rtitemApprove.AppendStyle(richStyle)

The problem is whenever R5 clients change the User Preferences/Basics/Default Fonts/Default Monospace font to font other than Courier, the original Courier font will be changed to the Default Monospace font and the positions of the contents will shift. I would like to know if there is a way to send the mail with 'HARDCODE' Courier font which cannot be overrided by the user's setting. I tried using R5 clients to compose and send mail with Courier font and the font does not changet. What make the cases different? Any comments will help. Thanks in advance.

Try using a monospaced TrueType font like Courier New. This should stay regardless of user settings.

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