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Separate community and meeting services

How do I separate community and meeting services? I want to build one Sametime server for chat and another for meetings, is it as simple as not starting some of the tasks?
In short, yes.

By community services, I assume you are referring to "Chat." Just to clarify, the community services, and the corresponding configuration available in the Sametime administration Web-based tool, allow Sametime servers to communicate together when operating in a multi-server environment, where users have different home servers.

The Sametime community can then "correspond" with one another to determine whether a user is on-line and can be seen using the LIM awareness tools, regardless of their "home" server.

I have previously configured servers which participate purely as "Chat" servers, without meeting capabilities, using the following IBM Technote:

Sametime: How to disable meetings and only use Sametime for chat

More details about the Sametime services can be found in the following document:

Sametime: What order do Sametime Server Services start

Additionally, "Meeting" servers need to participate in the community in order to show user online status etc., during meetings. Also, a users "Home" Sametime server is defined in their person document, so as long as the server you wish to use purely for meetings is not listed as a users "home" server, it will not use the chat functionality provided inherently in Sametime -- that will be performed by the users Sametime "Home" server.

So if your aim is to reduce the load on your Meeting and Chat servers, configure the Chat server as listed using any one of the options in the Technote (suggest #2 -- beware of using #3, also with #3 I do NOT recommend short-cutting the system using program documents!!) and then define your users "Home" server (under the basics tab of the person document) to be the chat machine.

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