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Set a value in a field existing in another Lotus Notes database

Learn the LotusScript code you'll need to use to set a value in a Lotus Notes field that resides in a different Lotus Notes database.

How do I set a value in a field that resides in a different Lotus Notes database?

To set a field on a document in another Lotus Notes database, you must create LotusScript or Java code for that specific Lotus Notes database object. Ideally, the code will locate the Lotus Notes document -- using a view lookup, full-text search, or by the Unique Notes Identification Number (UNID) -- and then update its value on that Lotus Notes document. Remember to save the Lotus Notes document after updating the field, or the changes will not be saved.

Your code should look something like this:

Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim dbTarget As NotesDatabase
Dim docTarget As NotesDocument

Set dbTarget = session.GetDatabase
("Server", "filename.nsf")
If (dbTarget.IsOpen) Then
Set docTarget = dbTarget.GetDocumentByUNID
("document UNID")
If Not (docTarget Is Nothing) Then
Call docTarget.ReplaceItemValue
("field_name", "new_value")
Call docTarget.Save (True, False)
End If
End If

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