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Set up and secure Domino for SMTP

I am new to Domino administration and our company has now adopted Domino 6.5.2 as the mail server. Until now, I have configured it as the internal mail server with iNotes Web access and 50 registered users. However, our management requires us to move it to the Internet so that we can have SMTP configurations and all external users can communicate to our Domino server. We plan to connect the mail server to the Internet via a firewall to protect the server from open relay. What do I need to do for executing this project? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
If you are just going to be setting it up for SMTP relaying, it isn't very difficult. You don't have to "move" it to the Internet. All you have to do is tell your firewall to pass SMTP connections to the Domino server. Same goes for outbound. Now, if you want to have DWA (iNotes) available, that requires some more configuration that we won't get into today. However, if all you need is to send and receive Internet mail, look at this link.

It is an excellent article (very similar to one I wrote 18 months ago, but updated for 6.5.x) that goes over everything you need to set up and secure your Domino server for SMTP purposes

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