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Setting the print setting with LotusScript?

I have written an application with LotusScript to retrieve and print a PDF file and it works fine. The only problem is that I have not found a way to set the print settings with LotusScript. Everything prints with the default printer and default settings. Is there any way to override these settings with LotusScript?
That's actually a remote control issue with Adobe Acrobat. Even the built-in viewer module for Notes uses Acrobat to do the actual work (just like IE does), and if you wanted to print it with anything other than the defaults, you will need to check Adobe's documentation to see if you can use OLE Automation or remote administration to send OLE commands to Acrobat. Most applications use "PrintOut" as the method to print something, and take the parameter list, but I don't have that information readily available for Acrobat.

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