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Setting up a Domino cluster

I'm running Lotus Domino 6.5 Server on a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition machine with 2 NICs. I want to set up a Domino cluster. Can you give me a step-by-step procedure on how to this? Also, please give the server specs for the Domino cluster members.

Thank you very much.
Clustering isn't that difficult to set up, it is the management of it that can be a bear. Making sure that your replicas stay synchronized and that you don't overwhelm your servers is the hardest part. It is very well outlined in this IBM Redbook.

I could go on and on, but not much has changed for setting up clustering since this Redbook was published. One very nice feature of 6.5 with clustering is the ability to now replicate unread marks between cluster members. I would suggest turning this on via Database Properties.

As for server specs, I'd need to know more about your environment before I could tell you what hardware to use. However, you can never have too much RAM or too much processing power. Additionally, I always tell people to put the OS and executables on mirrored drives on their own spindles and controller channels. The same goes for the transactional log extents. The data drives should also have their own channels and spindles in a RAID 5 array. Also, get the fastest I/O and spin rate you can. I can provide you more details if you tell me how many people will be on the servers, how much mail there is today, how much is processed each day, etc. All of these factor into how much power you need.

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