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Setting up a help desk app with @DBLookup and @columlookup

Help! I am new to Notes applications. In fact, I have just finished a help desk application, and now I would like to set up a @DBLookup and @columlookup. I want the user to be able to enter in the user ID, and the name, address, phone#, and other info would appear, so that all the tech will have to do is enter in the problem. Is this possible?

I think that I have to create a view with columns, but I don't know where to go from there. Also, I have a hardware/software app that I would like to link to the help desk app and have a pop-up box that will show the related hardware for that user. I guess that I am just wishing. Thanks for your help.

What you need is a view that contains documents sorted by userID. When the user enters their userID, you can execute a series of lookups and then populate the other fields.
 . . .
TempUserID := @Prompt
; "UserID"; "Enter your UserID"; "");
@SetField("Name"; @DbLookup("";
"":"UserDatabase";"UserID"; TempUserID;
@SetField("AnotherField"; @DbLookup
 . . .

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