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Setting up local replication of a Lotus Notes database for offline employees LotusScript expert Cregg Hardwick explains how to set up local replication of a Lotus Notes database, so employees can access it even if they're offline.

We have set up a Mobile Directory for laptop users. I want to create a local replication of the Lotus Notes database,...

so they can use it while offline. I also want the Lotus Notes database to replicate with the server copy like the users' mail file.

I was able to set up the local replica and replicate the first time, but I cannot get the new replica to show in the replication folder with the rest of the users' databases. I did check to make sure replication is enabled on the Lotus Notes database.

I have to set this on 100+ laptops, so we'd like to be able to use some LotusScript code to accomplish this. Thank you.

Without seeing your code, I am guessing that you have run into a common issue that I have seen several times. You cannot directly control what appears on the replication tab, either programmatically or through the UI. However, the replication tab will be automatically updated based on changes made to the workspace.

My guess is that you used the createReplica method to create a local replica of the Lotus Notes database, and you were surprised that this did not update the replication page. The fact is that just creating the local replica does not create the needed icons on the workspace.

Here is the procedure you need to follow:

  1. Call notesUIworkspace.AddDatabase to add a workspace icon for the server copy of the Lotus Notes database.
  2. Call notesUIworkspace.createReplica to create the local replica.
  3. Call notesUIworkspace.AddDatabase again, this time to add an icon for the local replica copy.

At this point, since both the server and local copies are represented by icons on the local workspace, the link between the two will exist on the replication tab.

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