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Sharing a personal address book in Notes

How can two users share a personal address book? This was easy with Microsoft Exchange but seems painful with Lotus/Domino 6.x.
Easy with Exchange?! Painful with Domino?!

You just need to remember that ANY shared data within a Domino environment is centrally accessed through a Domino server, rather than via the operating system. With that in mind...

  1. File --> Database--> New (or [Ctrl] + [N])
  2. Server: Pick the users "Home" server
  3. Title: "Jenny and John's shared contacts"
  4. Filename: {pick a filename and folder, as appropriate}
  5. Template: "Personal Address Book"
Once the database has been created, set the ACL so only "Jenny and John" can access it.

Wasn't that painful, was it?

You could go a step further and create local replicas of the DB for "Jenny and John" and then change their user preferences so that this address book is also a "Local" address book and can be used in a new e-mail for type-ahead addressing or so that it appears in the "Choose address book" combo box when an address action is selected.

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