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Sorting Address Book FirstName,LastName

The current setup is WindOWS nt 4.0 SP4 Domino Lotus Notes R5.0.4 Problem : 1. Is it possible to set tha address book soring to FirstName, Lastname.
2. We have branch in Chennai using lotus notes and we are able to send mails over the WAN. But if somebody sends a mail to chennai internet address it takes the internet path. So is it possible to convert the internet address to Cheenai Lotus Notes Address and resolved so that the mails takes the WAN path.
3. A user wants to isolate is mails has per the Organisation Branch Domain Name i.e @DOMAIN (Lotus Domain)
4. When we send a mail from here to Chennail the sender info doesn't appears with @DOMAIN (i.e @Lotus Domain)
1. I wouldn't modify the base views of the address book, so getting it to sort by first name, last name in the Address picker dialog is not recommended. You can make a view in the NAB to see your addresses in this manner, if you wish.
2. This sound more like a user training issue. Trying to write code to see if a mail is going to domain xyz.com and then converting that to a Notes address will add unneeded overhead to your router, and putting agents in the mail.box is not recommended. I would just work on training people to use the Notes address, not the internet address.
3. I am not sure what they want, but if it is just to have mail from @DomainXYZ show in a view, then just build a view in the mail file to display that information.
4. I need more information to answer this question.

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