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Steps for user to accept name/OU changes

How can users accept changes in R6.5? When I changed a username or changed OU, the changes did not take place after 14 days (the days I set). Instead, all the new names or OUs I've chosen purge out as obsolete msg. I've read that users need to accept the changes before all of this can take place. Can you please tell me the steps needed for the user to accept these changes? Thank you very much.
This really depends on how you rename them and how your users access their mail. The automated method using AdminP requires people to access the server (use online versions of mail, File –> Database –> Open, etc.,) to be prompted to accept a name change. Once they accept it, AdminP goes to work and renames all pertinent documents and records. If your users are offline (replicators), they have to go the old school method of sending a request via the Toolbar to the administrator, who then recertifies the ID that is sent in and gets it back to the person. That person chooses an action to merge that new ID into their existing ID. The administrator must then manually change all groups, ACLs, etc.

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