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Stop response documents from showing in a Lotus Notes form

Learn the Formula language code that you can use if you'd like your Lotus Notes form with embedded views to stop displaying all response documents.

I am experimenting on how to work with embedded views inside a Lotus Notes form. I have a parent document with fields as well as an embedded view of a response document. But I'm experiencing a problem when I open the form. It displays all the response documents, not just those related to or created with the parent document.

I've created a new parent document. In the embedded view, I created the response documents. But when I create the parent document, it shows all of the response documents in the embedded view. Do you know what the problem is and how to fix it?

By default, embedded views display all documents you would see if you had opened the view directly. However, you can easily update them to work as you specify.

  • First, categorize the response document view according to the parent document unique ID. The column formula could be something like this: @Text($Ref).
  • Next, define the embedded view as a single category view and set its single category formula to the parent document's unique ID, for example: @Text(@DocumentUniqueID).

This will instruct the view to only display responses to the parent document based on the matching unique ID.

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