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Strange FTI error message

When I request a new index from the full-text tab on db properties in 4.6 (client and server), I get the following message in the log: "2/04/2001 10:48:10 AM Topic message: Error E0-0802 (Vdb): Couldn't find vdb class e:notesdataPALPELOG.ftstylestyle.ddd (-32254) 12/04/2001 10:48:10 AM Topic message: Error E3-0038 (VDK): Cannot load style.ddd schema (document catalog) in collection e:notesdataPALPELOG.ft (-26586)"

What does that mean? I had a previous ft index using the stop-word file option, but needed to get rid of it. I deleted the index from the tab, then requested a new index without the stop file option. The message above is what I got.

Any light you could shed would be greatly appreciated.

FTI errors are usually cryptic, and your best recourse is to delete and recreate the FTI. Look on your server to see if there are any residual FTI folders and files for that database. If there are, delete them the next time you have a chance. Rebuild your FTI after that.

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