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Strategy and command switches to use for compacting and backing up DBs on a transaction logging-enab

In one of your tips regarding reducing the size of databases you mentioned:
I have some bad news for folks running transactional logging. Items 1 and 2 cannot be used to help reduce file sizes without some very careful planning. You should not use copy style compacts with transactional logging. Doing so renders all prior log extents for that database useless since a copy style compact changes the DBIID. The rule is that you should take an immediate full backup after running a copy style compact on a transactionally logged server. I have seen people run a compact on Saturday night, and then take a full backup on Sunday. They were willing to risk the potential loss of data due to a crash/corruption for that short, off-hours timeframe. Only do this if you understand the risks and are willing to take them.
Because I use the same strategy you mentioned here, I kind of got worried. Can you please advise what is the best strategy and command switches to use for compacting and backing up DBs on a transaction logging-enabled server?
The switch "-b" is the only switch you can use with compact on trans-logged databases. The lower case –b switch rearranges white space, but it does not remove white space. In theory, performance shouldn't degrade over time because the additions/deletions will reach a steady state and white space will normalize. I have yet to see this happen. White space always increases and performance degrades over time. Upper case –B updalls are necessary at some point.

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