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Study for R5 developer CLP or collaborative developer CLP?

Finally, Lotus has finally recognized 'collaborative' professionals with their own CLP track. This is good news! But I notice the tests that are currently available are only 'beta'.

Lotus makes clear in the certification pages that no fee is charged due to the current beta status. Okay, fine; but more questions remain.

Lotus lists the score required for passing also as 'beta', what does this mean? Must I wait until the exams are gold to pass and receive the certification? Also, these particular tests are not listed as possibilities with the Sylvan Prometric test centres, at least in the Netherlands. What gives?

It isn't clear if I should study for the R5 developer CLP, or my preference, the collaborative developer CLP. Maybe you can advise how best to spend my time?

The difference between "live" exams and "Beta" exams is that the pass mark for "live" exams has already been determined. The main purpose of Beta exams is to ensure that the tests available meet numerous guidelines and benchmarks, in addition to determining the final pass mark for the exam. The benefit to those taking Beta exams is that they are free and should the examinee reach the pass mark determined at the end of the Beta period, they are automatically awarded the qualification for that exam.

The benefit for the vendor is that they are able to determine what type of questions should be included in the final exam and what mix of questions should constitute the battery of questions for that test.

Most questions in a certification exam are awarded a ranking, ie "Everyone should be able to answer this question" or "Only those who have an in-depth knowledge of the material will be able to answer this question". The final mix of questions in the exam are made up of questions from across that scale and it is the Beta period which helps the vendor determine which questions fall into which category. There are even cases where questions are dropped from the final battery for a number of reasons, eg "everyone got this wrong" or "everyone got this right".

As for your question relating to which certification you should aim for, that is highly subjective and should be determined by a couple of things:

a. What career stream am I aiming to position myself for, and
b. Which stream will provide me with the best career opportunities.

Obviously if you are developing core Lotus Notes/Domino applications and web-sites then you should be aiming for the ApDev certification, if - however, you spend most of your time developing Domino.Doc, SameTime, Discovery or Workflow solutions then the Colaborative Developer stream would be more appropriate.

Long term I would suggest that holding both CLP's would be beneficial to you as it would make you more valuable in the marketplace, just as someone who now holds both Admin and ApDev is more valuable since they are certified for both primary Domino roles.

Have a great journey...

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