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Studying for R5, wondering about RNext

I'm in the process of studying for the R5 certifications. Since the beta3 for RNext is already out, should I wait to go for the RNext certification, or should I stay with R5? I just dont want to pay for the certifications and then lose them because of the RNext release.

Any advice as to which way to go would be very helpful.

My advice to anyone who is currently studying for R5 certification would be to continue on that stream. Notes RNext isn't slated for release until late Q1, Early Q2 next year, so if you are already on that path, complete the R5 certification and then do the update to RNext when it is available.

The entire certification pathway for RNext is currently under review, but the core competencies covered in R5 will still be in RNext. Due to the large R5 install base, anyone who holds dual certification will be much more valuable in the marketplace than someone who holds only RNext certification.

If, however, you are completely new to Domino and have not yet completed any exams or education, you may want to consider working with the RNext beta's and release information and start your certification when RNext becomes available.

As for "losing" certification, unlike some other vendors, Lotus does not immediately retire certification upon the release of a new product, forcing those who hold professional accreditation to update to the latest version. Notes R5 is now almost 3 years old; it is significant to note that R4 certification is still recognized in the marketplace and promoted by Lotus.

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